Support ankle firmly from inversion at landing and turning

Well-balanced combination of mobility and stability. Firmly hold the entire ankle.


  • Fiber: Nylon, Polyester, Elastane
  • Non-fiber: Elastodiene (Latex), Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Polyacetal
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Stabilize with three-way straps


Firmly stabilize with the dual inversion control strap and the stirrup strap based on the taping method.

Precisely fit stays aligned with ankle shape


Provide precise ankle support by the Anatomically correct stays.

Thin, breathable and comfortable


Use thin, low-profile materials with excellent breathability and anti-bacterial deodorant properties.

Product For

Left, Right


S, M, L, XL


Female, Male


Q. Can we move around comfortably after putting on A1?

Yes, you will have comfortable mobility/movement after putting on A1.

Q. Can we wear single A1 on both the legs?

A1 is side specific so you have to buy 2 different products for left and right legs. Also, it is advisable to wear it on any one leg.

Q. Can we replace A1, in case there is a size issue?

Yes, you can replace the product only if there is a size issue or you received a defective product. Its best to refer to measurement (size) chart before ordering the product.

Q. Does A1 fit properly?

Its best to refer to measurement (size) chart before ordering the product. The product has long adjustable straps for proper fit.


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