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Powerful model in the series reducing inversion and eversion movements

Firmly stabilize the ankle.


  • Fiber: Nylon, Polyester, Elastane
  • Non-fiber: Chloroprene, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Polyacetal, Imitation leather, Brass

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Guards to stabilize inversion and eversion movements

Focusing on the difference between the positions of the ankles on both sides, an original guard is designed to match the skeleton. Firmly stabilize the movements of both inversion (rolling inward) and eversion (rolling outward).

Thin and breathable material

This product is made of a thin and low-profile material with excellent breathability and anti-bacterial deodorant properties.

Increase support level with two straps

Connected plantar strap with X (cross) strap. It increases support level by pulling upward from the heel by applying the taping function (stirrup). The plantar strap also has an anti-slip function.

Stability for unstable movements on lateral and anterior sides

X (cross) straps using the taping function (figure-eight) prevents the ankle from unstable lateral and anterior movements.

Product For

Left, Right


S, M, L, XL


Female, Male


Q. What kind of material is used in A2DX?

The material is very thin and breathable for comfort and movement.

Q. Which all sports can A2DX be used for?

It can be used for multiple sports like volleyball, basketball.

Q. Is A2DX easy to wear?

Yes, it’s extremely easy to wear

Q. Can 1 A2DX be worn for the right and for the left leg?

No, for right and left you need to purchase a pair of A2DX.

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